Dear 109 Eminent members, we got approximately 19 days left and i know some of us has not use our time wisely. So, please, within these two weeks left, we have to work our ass off so that we can achieve our goal. 100% 8A, people, remember this. Do this for the school, for Tuan Haji Nor Paizin, for our teachers that has been teaching us non-stop since the very first day we stepped in the grounds of SMSS, for our parents that has sacrifice a lot in terms of money, time and energy and you know it means a lot. But most importantly, do this for yourself. Remind yourself the things you will get if achieve those 8A's what more if we achieve 100% 8A's. Pure satisfactory, funds, fame, money and many more. So, Eminent, what do you say ? Are you with me to get those babies or not ?
The countdown starts now, people ! WORK WORK WORK