Salam ukhuwah ,

Berikut merupkan beberapa maklumat yang perlu diambil perhatian sewaktu perkampungan ilmu 2:


9-11 pg= baju batik
2-5 ptg= baju perwira
8-10 mlm= baju melayu(sesi motivasi)

8-5 pg= baju pahlawan
8-10mlm= baju pendekar

8-12 pg= panglima

2. Sebarang complaint boleh dikemukakan sebelum hari AHAD PUKUL 12 MALAM
3. Harap ahli eminent boleh memberi kerjasama dan komitmen eminent.
4 Sekian, terima kasih dan selamat bercuti, dan kembali ke sekolah


Teamworks divide the task and double the success

This quote has a very deep and meaningful meaning, if you analyse it. Whether you realise it or not, PMR is just a few months to go. A FEW does not mean much. We have plenty of time, at least to study and do revision. Eminents, i've always wondered why can't we be like a pack ? Why can't we do anything together ? Why we are not cooperating with every one of us ? When will all of you realise, that's what matters. The strength of a team depends on the cooperation of each one of the members. Then why are we not doing it ? The teachers are putting  high hopes on us, Eminent. To make 100% 8A's a vision in becoming a reality is really is not that hard, if you believe in yourself and have the efforts. Not to forgot, teamwork. An asset that is very valuable. You can lose in a war without teamwork. You can humiliate yourself in a choral speaking competition if you don't have teamwork. Come on, it's not that hard after all. I believe my batchmates are not that bad. You guys are wonderful. You guys are the best. Then, show it to the whole world and prove yourself that you can

now, say it with me. YES WE CAN !!


It's already June and the clock is ticking, time is running. A few more months for PMR is a big war for us, no matter how big our preparation is. It doesn't matter whether you study until 3 in the morning everyday or you stay up just to do something that's not benificial or you play while the teacher is teaching or you don't respect the teachers. The matter is you are still going to be in this war. You still are going to participate. So when are you going to wake up from your sleep, Eminents ? When are you going to prepare for our war? It's all about you. You are the reason why you are lazy, You are the reason why you feel so energetic, why you feel so eager to study and you're the one who's going to choose whether to you'll achieve 8As or no A. If i put a 98% 8A target for PMR, then who's the other 2% ? It might be you and it's probably me. Remember, you work hard now and one day you'll be rewarded with success. i do not want to hurt the teachers. i don't want them to be frustrated. And remember, don't say you want 8As if you don't have any efforts because it's USELESS

like what Pn. Muhaimu said oftenly, 'lepas PMR kamu nak tidur tak bangun terus pun takpe'.

*wake up, and prepare for the war!