Hello Dearest Eminents,

I, Alya "YAYA" Farhanah bt Mohd Tarmizee, WP037K001, would like to wish all of 109 members of Eminent 0812,


Three years of living with you guys, eventhough it made me insane and of course, you all drove me to be insane, but you guys are what i call, OHANA.
So, let's make it another two years, til we end our schooldays
Or better, let's make this last forever
Til we reach the peak of that mountain of age, getting older and older by day. 
Together we strive, together we drive and together we succeed.

All the best this 23rd of December you guys. Let's hope and pray for the best :) Love you lots

Back in holiday.. i was like...hmmm

Dear eminent members,
do read this if you were out of ideas on what to do for this epic holidays..

continue reading this? yes or no?
 well i perhaps you were one of the unlucky guys... so congratulation!

Alright Eminents....

why not try this fun cool internet games which turn out to be a...
hmmm 3 star rating games... challenge yourself for this speed finger guitar challenge and you might gain skills in playing guitar(like yea?!)